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    Develop a Cultural Response to Workplace Violence

    Date: March 15, 2018, 7:30am – 9:00am
    Holiday Inn Christiansburg
    99 Bradley Drive
    Christiansburg, VA 24073
    Premium Members - Free, Basic Members - $20, Guests - $20, VT & RU SHRM Students - Free
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    Speaker: Phil Townley, Sergeant with Christiansburg Police Department


    Session Content:  

    The purpose of this period of instruction is to provide employers with resources needed to spur a cultural response to the problem of workplace violence.  Rather than focus on specific acts to utilize in order to combat this growing problem, this training will address the mental aspect of survival and its relationship to surviving any traumatic encounter.

    Many organizations across our nation have developed policies, procedures, and have enacted training designed to direct workers as to what actions to take in times of crisis.  Often absence or ineffectively address is the issue that surrounds human nature and the influences society has toward the realm of self-preservation.  Simply put, many fall victim to attack simply because they are programmed to believe violence is either wrong or will result in punishment.  This training will not advocate violence as the absolute answer, but it will certainly impress upon its audience that in times of real danger, it is a viable option. 

    The training will take a commonsense approach to evaluating your organizations policies and procedures, in order to determine if they adequately balance individual privacy against the welfare of the working group.  Regardless of your philosophy, this course of instruction will demonstrate that no matter how detailed your reaction plan to any given situation is, doing something is far less dangerous that doing absolutely nothing.    

    Learning Objectives:

    • spur awareness and dialogue about your organizations crisis response plan
    • define the depth of an employee obligation with regard to their knowledge of actual or potential acts of workplace violence
    • shift the organizations culture to accept that violence is in the workplace and measures are needed to prevent and react against it when possible.
    • empower employees to discover their right to live outweighs the right of someone that is trying to seriously injury or kill them
    • empower employees to value the lives of their co-workers as much as their own

    About the Speaker: 

    Phil Townley is a sworn member of the Christiansburg police Department with 25 years of military and law enforcement experience.  He is a graduate of the Southwest Law Enforcement Academy, the Department of Veterans Affairs Law Enforcement Academy, and the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy.

    Phil is a former Marine and currently serves in the Virginia Army National Guard, assigned as Platoon Leader with the 1173rd Composite Truck Company, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

    Sergeant Townley holds a MBA and serves as an adjunct instructor at Radford University. Within his various roles in law enforcement, he has completed countless hours of training in the field of digital forensics, online exploitation, crime prevention, and emergency response tactics.