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    February 2022 Chapter Meeting - Pay Equity

    Date: February 17, 2022, 12:00pm
    Virtual through Zoom
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    Virtual Meeting
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    Pay Equity:  Meeting the Evolving Requirments and Becoming Who Your Organization Wants to Be

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    Session Content

    Attendees will learn about trends in pay laws and consider the right approach for their pay objectives.

    Pay equity laws move quickly: California, New York, Massachusetts, California (again), Colorado, California (again, again). In 2021 alone, Rhode Island, Nevada, and Connecticut joined the party.  And even cities are dipping their toes in the pay equity water.

    Some laws prevent pay differences. Others require affirmative disclosure of traditionally proprietary information. These rapidly evolving laws create obligations that can extend well beyond any one state’s boundaries. This session will cover the emerging trends in pay equity and how employers can begin thinking today to prepare for what’s to come tomorrow.


    Learning Objectives

    1. Learn about recent trends in pay equity.
    2. Discuss the benefits of proactive pay analyses.
    3. Review strategies to comply with ever-evolving laws—and the potential risk involved in failing to do so.
    4. Hear about the interplay between pay equity laws and fairness that employees and applicants demand.


    Speaker Biographical Information

    Chris Patrick is a Principal in the Denver, Colorado, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. and is a member of the Firm’s Affirmative Action Compliance and OFCCP Defense Practice Group, Pay Equity Resource Group, and Corporate Diversity Counseling Group.


    Chris counsels on EEO compliance, affirmative action, pay equity, and diversity.  He also oversees the preparation of affirmative action plans, directs privileged pay analyses under state and federal laws, and defends employers in OFCCP audits.