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    “Leaders, Don’t Just Respond to the Moment- Plan for the Future” Practical Best Practices to use during times of Crisis

    Date: May 21, 2020, 12:00pm – 1:30pm
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    Virtual Meeting
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    Leaders, Don’t Just Respond to the Moment- Plan for the Future” 

    Practical Best Practices to use during times of Crisis

    As a result of the pandemic, leaders in all size companies and organizations have been challenged in a way that we could not have predicted. Decisions made now can influence people’s physical and emotional well-being. As a result, what people need from a leader during a crisis, when they are fearful, is different than in normal times. I will share the key principles of leading during extreme conditions that were researched and developed in the early 2000s and are taught to new leaders in military service academies. Adding to the challenges is the reality of leading in a virtual environment. I will share best practices in a number of areas which include:

    • Overall messaging, guidelines and communications
    • Check your assumptions – every person is dealing with their own challenges, both work and personal. Take the time to understand how best to support them.
    • Effective meetings – why what works in person doesn’t always translate to a virtual world
    • Leadership development – this “real-time in the trenches” experience can be more impactful than the best group of leadership development classes you can assemble during normal times. Are you leveraging it?
    • Creating connection, support, and increased team and trust building among team members

    Finally this “pause” has changed how we work. What do we need to let go of and what do we need to be aware of before we try to go back to “business as normal”...because it will never be the same! What are the powerful questions you need to be asking NOW while you are making plans for re-entry?

    Speaker Bio:

    Kathy Baske Young, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

    Her first career was in television sales and sales management, working in Chicago (where she grew up as a rabid Cubs fan), Minneapolis, New York City, Norfolk, Raleigh and Washington DC. Over those years, she had wonderful experiences and worked with lots of smart, fun, passionate people. When she felt she was “fully cooked” in broadcasting and ready for her next adventure, she hired a coach who helped her see that what she loved to do - and did well - was coaching others to reach their potential.

    She earned her PCC certification (Professional Certified Coach) with the ICF, the governing body for professional coaches. Now, 20 years later, she can honestly say that she loves every day.

    Starting her coaching business was not only a career change, but also a lifestyle change, with a move to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. She has taken the opportunity to truly engage with and support this wonderful community. She currently serves on the board of Saint Francis Service Dogs, and is the past chair of the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce. She has also served on the board of the United Way of Roanoke Valley and continues on their Community Impact Committee.

    While she is an independent coaching practitioner, she is also an associate of The Pyramid Resource Group, one of the top corporate coaching companies in the United States. Through her association with Pyramid, she can support larger scale initiatives and provide coaches to organizations that would be best served by the services of more than one coach.

    She is a mom to Chowder, a sweet, affectionate two-year old yellow lab who seems to consider training classes merely a suggestion rather than a new behavior to aspire to! She is hoping that someday (after she can get her to stop eating the couch cushions!) Chowder and her can develop as a therapy dog team.