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    January 18th, 2024 Chapter Meeting - Superpower to Success: Leading People, Teams, and Yourself in Today's Landscape

    Date: January 18, 2024, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Holiday Inn Christiansburg and Live Online Zoom

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    Hybrid Meeting
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    Superpower to Success:  Leading People, Teams and Yourself in Today's Landscape

    Adam Mendler

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    1. How to more effectively lead people, teams, and yourself

    2. How to sustainably appeal to, engage, and retain top talent

    3. How to discover and activate your leadership superpower

    4. How to cultivate winning organizational cultures

    Human resources professionals aspire to find, attract, and retain top talent and to cultivate winning teams and winning organizational cultures. But how can you recruit, manage, motivate, and keep the people you need in historically challenging and uncertain market conditions? And how can build and lead highly-successful teams without understanding the strategies employed by the most successful leaders?

    After interviewing more than 500 of America’s top leaders - from Fortune 500 CEOs to founders of household name companies to four-star generals and admirals - what was once only understood by a few has now been codified. The solution to challenges lies not in focusing on one's skills, but in harnessing their superpower. But what is a leadership superpower? And how do you discover and activate it?

    In this perspective-shifting presentation, HR professionals will learn:

    • The most misunderstood but integral principles essential to effective leadership

    • A three-step process to help anyone understand their leadership superpower

    • The secret to excelling in not only one position but in multiple roles within an organization

    After this presentation, HR professionals will have a better understanding of how to sustainably appeal to, engage, and retain top talent while learning how they can apply their distinguishing leadership superpower in leading their own lives and in leading others.